The OVERTEXT is an Overchan-like aggregator for 2ch-like Internet Textboards from all over the world, built and curated by hand by yours truly.

Inspired both in idea and code by's OVERCHAN. Some CSS taken and modified from 4-ch without permission because I am webdev-illiterate.

The Mona font is recommended to properly browse both this place and most of the textboards linked here. Download it from here.

Originally this was going to be called "The Textboard Index" as there was/is already an OVERTEXT made by Mohey Pori/allchan, though it's terribly out of date. I was a bit apprehensive of the idea of outright stealing overchan's name, but the alternative was using the shitty "Textboard Index" name so I'd rather stay proudly true to my lack of originality. Let's just call this site the Overtext's unofficial successor, because after all that's pretty much what it is.

Another version made by someone else is available at This was originally going to be a more personal kind of thing so I never quite bothered in finishing/publishing it, therefore txtchan gets the privilege of being having been the first textboard overchan revival uploaded online and will also probably be updated more often than this. No e-peen waving going on here, I promise.

What are 2ch-like Textboards?

2ch-like Textboards (Textboards from here on) are a particular format of discussion boards which generally share the same characteristics: They are modeled after, or follow the design paradigm guidelines of 2channel and their mean feature is text-only, fully (but usually optionally) anonymous, free-for-all posting. It's common to have websites serving many different textboards, generally most of them specified to a particular topic, and one "anything goes" board. Some other websites host a single board, either focused or not in a particular area of discussion, oftentimes set up for ad-hoc purposes. Unlike imageboards, threads are not permanently deleted (although they may be closed after a set number of replies), making replying to old posts a usual and sometimes even encouraged practice.

Please do keep in mind that specifying "2ch-like" excludes certain sites which may technically be anonymous textboards (e.g. tinychan) and at the same time includes sites that don't look much like it follows the style of 2ch (e.g. Post Office). Such is life.

Why frames?

Frames, as horrid and outdated as they are, provide a way to navigate between boards of different websites without having to bother with a multitude of new tabs and/or having to navigate in and out the OVERTEXT. Frames are still being used to navigate around in websites hosting many textboards (2channel alone, for example, serves hundreds), and even imageboards such as 4chan (which, granted, ditched frames only relatively recently, but can still be accessed through do. So, in a way, using frames in this site is in line with the textboard/imageboard design paradigm.

How do I browse textboards?



Questions? Suggestions? Hatemail? Want to add your own board or one you found online? Following the ancient tradition of comatose webmasters, you can drop me a line on the OVERTEXT's very own textboard, /meta/.

I am now available through e-mail as well! You can contact me at My PGP public key, if so needed, is available here.

Last Updated: Feb 19 2023