The following is an English translation of “Qué es Nido?”1), a Google document written anonymously2). The document, while still being edited at the time of this writing3), contains sufficient information to answer any possible questions about the circumstances surrounding Nido's deletion and its administrator's suicide, but is also a fairly decent summary of the history of Chilean imageboards. It will be largely left verbatim except for some of its images, as they mostly consist of (essentially worthless) Personally-Identifiable Information, and its grammar and punctuation reworked a bit so the text as a whole can make sense, taking particular care in not altering the content of the text in any shape or form - due to the original document being a collaborative effort, writing styles clash while some of its content is a bit out of order, remaining as such in this translation but still fairly easy to understand. Some commentary and annotations may be added by yours truly when needed in the form of footnotes.

What is Nido?

I'm writing this with the best of my intentions in order for:

  1. Girls and women to feel safe when walking out the street, because nido is not a pedophilia or a women-kidnapping network.
  2. The myth that all of its users are pedophiles or kidnappers be put to rest.


  1. While some members of Nido hold violent and misogynistic attitudes, there is no evidence that they have commited any major crimes. What has happened is that men, women and minors were virtually harrassed, accessing their personal information such as RUT4), addresses, phone numbers, family members.
  2. The site did contain IP tracking scripts, used to recognize when posters repeat5).
  3. “ is a website to plan kidnappings.” There is no evidence of this.
  4. The pictures uploaded6) were not taken by them, they come from older cases and from other countries, such as Natacha Jaitt7)
  5. The page was anonymous without any need of signing up. The 10,000 users8) include people that come only to look at porn or check the site.

Nido is a Chilean imageboard. In order to explain what this all is, first we'll explain what an imageboard is and its evolution.

An imageboard is a type of anonymous website where posting image takes particular importance. The first imageboards were created in Japan, and they're based on the concept of text forums. That is, you can write something on the site anonymously and the rest is free to answer in the same manner.

The most popular imageboards tend to be mostly related to topics of Japanese culture, such as anime and manga.

2channel, abbreviated as 2ch, was the first imageboard [sic] in proposing this kind of website model9). Originating from Japan, it opened on May 30 1999. It has more than six hundred active boards that have topics as varied as social news, computers and cooking, being the largest forum in all of Japan.

4chan is an English imageboard created by Christopher Poole on October 1, 2003. Originally, its boards were created to debate about topics related to Japanese culture such as anime, manga and cosplay. Posteriorly, the site gained popularity and opened up to other topics.

6chan [sic]10)was the first Chilean imageboard created in 2008 by Gabriel Aguilera, under the pseudonym of Takato. Its content was fairly light. They talked about stuff related to anime, manga and videogames. There were more users in charge of running the site, each with their own nickname and everything but at this point it doesn't matter. After the Ultrapobre case [see below] the imageboard was sold. Inside the imageboard there were many topics of different nature. The topics inside this kind of websites are by themselves divided within subdomains. The most populars in what used to be 6chan (the old were:

  • /b/ Random, whatever did not fit in any other category
  • /s/ Homosexual pornography
  • /p/ or /mr/, pornography of women, this is where Instagram accounts, photos of ex-girlfriends, etc were shared
  • /con/ Advice
  • /a/ Anime
  • /cgm/ Cosplay (here too there was a lot of harrassment to cosplayers)
  • /pol/ Politics
  • /v/ Videogames
  • /mu/ Music
  • /420/ Recreational drugs
  • /tv/ TV series and movies
  • And many others.

The levels of misogyny in the site were very high. If anybody confessed to being a woman, they were insulted with “Tetas o no te metas”11). It's because of this that few women participated, used male pronouns to talk and thus evaded problems. There were dissenting political opinions and everything was being shared from cooking recipes, through information about books on occultism to gore and violent imagery.

The site had its pros and cons. There was no open coordination of kidnappings or rapes, but the hatred stemming from the community could end up in cyberharassment through social networks that put not only the affected person in danger but also their family and friends. This is possible by looking for your name in through which you can eventually gain access to the names of relatives and then -thanks to posts that they make with their location or saying where they are in social media- find their address, work, etc.

Choroypride: The first schism of the imageboard community. The initial philosophy of this project was to “bring the technologies of Web 2.0” as they called and combined it with a civilized community such as that of the beginnings of the Internet. For some reason it was a committed, active community that tried to look civilized, but it slowly transformed into a low quality den of shitposting and deppression.

Ganasdea: Ex-CP1 without its URL[?], only one board survived which could only be accessed by IP, served many times as a refuge and as wall of lamentations in the same way that 8ch/choroy works now. Currently dead, lasted for some years.

Propoleo: Created by members of a Telegram chat. High quality responses but little activity. Had two known precedents, 4gram and roll.

4gram: International chat that worked similar to a chan, without users nor identifiers. Chaos reigned in this experiment, with CP, gore and other garbage running wild. Milestones: Purchase of marijuana between users (it was never known if it was real or just a cheeky jape), distribution of pictures of Ultrapobre, very probably by Lamuel Donoso, Nido administrator, who used the handles @choroy and then @policiadelpensamiento and was a complete unknown in the community.

Roll: Short-lived experimental chan that served as incentive for the creation of propoleo. Managed to have two or three boards working. Most of the content produced there was exported (by hand, apparently) to propoleo, some having activity up to now.

2ch-hk (Russian): Known as “The cave”, “Boris”, or Sosach in European chans, it's a Eurasian imageboard that served as refuge when 6-chan went down. For reasons I don't know (perhaps for their monkey-like behaviour) all chilean IPs were banned from /int/, board that they used as a meeting point. The reasons for which they used this imageboard are unknown (to me), but before the closing of 6-chan there was a kind of communication with drawings between añons (as 6-chan anonymous users called themselves) and Russian Anonymous.

The history of Nido

In the case of Chile, the history of Nido consists of a group of individuals that migrated from community to community throughough time for different circumstances. Everything started with 6-chan but it extends much farther. Somehow people that belonged to the “imageboard community” is connected to each other through sites like “porlaputa”, “loserpower” and “wikipediars” with its own arcs or “eras” and events creating a much more intricate story. Porlaputa (Dr. Phaser), Loserpower, (Pudú Mágico), Jaidefinichon, Futubandera y Wikipediars (Lamuel Donoso) were the sites in which this community reunited.

It's September 2 2004. Takato begins the project to create a Chilean imageboard for its own community, the now-defunct In 2009 cuatrochan and 6-chan join forces, in such a way that cuatrochan is the imageboard dedicated exclusively for pornography while 6-chan hosts only SFW content. On 11 October 2010, 6-chan is sold to a person that identifies himself with images of the then-president Piñera and the moniker “Sebastián Piraña”, indicating that any child pornography content would be sanctioned by passing on poster information to the PDI12). After this came the case of Ultrapobre.

The Ultrapobre case

Reynaldo Espejo, identified as “Anon Chulo”13) started to upload pictures of a naked girl that he kept as as “toy” between him and other añons. She (which was then called “Ultrapobre”14)) was 14 when he was 22, having a 3-year relationship with the apparent consent of her family and he had also taken photos of her naked that he uploaded to the site in the /mr/ (minas ricas15)) subdomain. As it gained popularity, a PDI team began tracking him down as it was obvious the pictures involved a minor.

Some news in these links: 1, 2 (video mocking Reynaldo 1), 3 (video mocking Reynaldo 2).

According to Lamuel himself, it was him that notified the police. The case would end up crushing the morale of the original founder and caused the website to be sold.

Anónima Pobre

The story of Anónima Pobre16) began a normal day when an Anonymous user claimed “There were no cute poor girls” (or something like that), which ended up in a girl posting a picture of herself, wearing a purple hat. There is a sort of inner joke about that hat in question being the only hat she owned, and she was then dubbed as Anónima Pobre

Choroy Era

Many of the 6chan users that had nothing to do with such sexual crimes, moved to other subdomains [sic] under the same imageboard format. The most well-known ones were and There were more but they're not worth mentioning. era

When the Ultrapobre case began to have less impact, users from 6chan's imitators reunited in a single site, “El nido”17). Here the thing begins to distort a little, because due to the paranoia of begin watched by the PDI and the courage stemming from acting as bad guys in front of Internet strangers, they began to upload more dangerous content and the administrator began to ban people that didn't like or that broke the rules (yes, the site had rules). With the Reynaldo case and looking at the mess that remained, the original founder ended up deppressed and sold the site to the hgihest bidder.

Lamuel buys

This is where everything goes to shit. Takato was already tired of all this fuckery, so he decided to sell the site to the scumbag Lamuel. This character is the reason that nido had no longer rules nor content control because the site, despite being anonymous, had clear rules that if not followed caused a ban by the site administrators. But with the arrival of Lamuel the site became just one more place in which this individual could get what he wanted: approval by both Internet denizens and women that fit his high standards. But who is this guy? Where did he come from? Why is he so disgusting? I'll tell you this now.

Lamuel Lukas Donoso Mocheni

31 years old, 1.72m and balding. Son of […]18), not much is known about his adolescence.

Lamuel and Wikipediars

He became known as a Wikipediars administrator, site that imitated the format and content of Wikipedia, but in a Chilean style and with 13-year-old-kid humor. Inside the site he had a very low profile and didn't bother much.

Foro Pediars

In the year 2008 approx., he tried to form a community with people he knew and created Foro Pediars. The environment was at the beginning very tranquil, it didn't matter if you were a man or a woman. It was a site like El Antro, but much cooler, focused on high school students and their tastes. People talked about music, TV shows and there was even a time that they talked about food recipes to learn how to cook. Users began to befriend each other and began to add each other to MSN, forming relatonships and friendships. This bothered MissChile, handle used by Lamuel at that time, quite a bit, because of some reason it bothered him that people had a good time both on the Internet and in real life.

Besides, Lamuel showed in his post that the ideal of a woman was being like Scarlet Johanson or having a body of a thin girl, flat chest and legs, i.e. bordering on pedophilia. He treated the users that fit this beauty ideal well, and mistreated those that didn't. He never showed his face and he mentioned us in several occasions that he suffered from OCD.

The forum, aside from using it to share music tastes, art or television, was used to organize and play Counter-Strike matches […]. The server was paid for by a small group of people in the site. It just so happens that it was once Lamuel's turn to pay for the server, thus revealing his name and RUT. To us, the users that saw that he was nosing around in our lives, this was valuable information to annoy him with something about his personal life. It was very funny to us that the well-known Misschile was called in fact Lamuel (an ugly-ass shit name).

It bothered him so much that he then began to treat us with more hostility.

To this site came a girl with the nick “Konejosa”. We all liked her, she was nice and sweet. But that scumbag Lamuel had to come along and scare her off with his sick fuck stalking. He followed her around to the point that she deleted all her social networks, her twitter, tumblr, flickr and we could never contact her again.

What happened to Foro Pediars? I have no idea. Lamuel ended up banning everybody who didn't agree with him, which ended up being all users, and in the end he ended up alone in his shit forum.

Lamuel and imageboards

Time went by and he was that all these free users joined 6-chan or This bothered him a lot, so he bought nido to have control over this group of people. He besides used this site to contact girls under this modus operandi: He uplaoded a picture of a girl that he found on Instagram or Facebook and asked around for more info of her. Some other user would deliver the data and he would then add her on contact her, acting nice and taking her out for dinner so that he could then, in the same site, take pictures of how he was eating out with a cute girl and .brag about it and increase his self-esteem.

But his objective was to show the world that he could be with a woman unattainable to the rest of the users: Anónima Pobre. There began his obsession over her. He wanted, aside from generating income, watch everything AP did. This is how he managed to talk to her, but after several failed attempts, the cold relationship between both deteriorated and he began to upload pictures of her without her consent - but these were pictures of her being a normal person, out with her friends or socializing, nothing out of the ordinary. She never saw him as anything more than a friend and made it very clear.

He tried to buy her love, bought her gift, bought her tuition fees (approximately four million pesos) but nothing worked. Paula19) wouldn't be impressed, and according to her the farthest they've got to was kissing. To make matters worse, she found out about the adventures of Lamuel with teenagers. The rejection became more profound as she no longer wanted anything to do with him. Lamuel then played his last card, inviting AP to a trip to the North, to San Pedro de Atacama. By then, Paula was more than sick of him. He didn't understand she never wanted a relationship with him, she didn't find him attractive and he couldn't become someone at least someone nice enough to spend time with. According to her, he's unscrupulous and pretentious.

The trip ended in a total failure. It peaked when, while asking for a room, Lamuel asked the manager for a double bed but Paula interrupted him and said “No, separate beds”. They returned to Santiago when Lamuel finally gave up, but not completely. If Paula wouldn't be with him, she wouldn't be with anybody else, she would pay for the insult that was rejecting him. Since then, Lamuel began to start rumors about her, but few Choroy anons believed it. They were witnesses of the continuous threads about her, the day in which he made her a moderator, the pictures he took of their outings to brag. AP in the same manner would double down against Lamuel, which is how many found out about the details of their relationship.

He then began to tell lies in the site, saying she was a whore or that she had a limp and a thief. It was all the same as nobody believed that scumbag anymore. A pretentious, pedophile pimp. He pretends to be a Don Juan, given that he only sleeps with socially vulnrable girls and clearly interested in whatever this prick had offered. Or would otherwise go to prostitutes. His lack of maturity stops him for having anything serious with a woman his age (he's over thirty now) so he fills his void with fantasies, believing that girls will one day love him.

After [some family-related theories go here]. What broke the camel's back was the relationship he had with Paula. Since then he focused on his “Plan B”, naive and inexpert teens. It's easy to identify him in Nido when this topic comes up, he's the main defender of the idea that there's nothing wrong with a relationship between a grown man and a teenager.

All the “Queens of Nido” are Lamuel's sexual interests. His modus operandi is getting other guys to find information about them. When he gets this info he contacts them and uses his self-proclaimed “gift of speech”, which amounts to invite them out and impress them with material objects. When he gets bored, he simply makes up rumors about them and spreads them on /b/, banning whoever contradicts him.

After reading all of this, you'll surely wonder why the figure of lamuel is so important. What's so special about a pimp? It's because he's fucking teenage girls? It's because of what he did to the 6-chan and Nido communities?

In fact, Lamuel serves as a cautionary tale about what happens when you mix up your real and virtual lives. It's not very difficult to imagine why Lamuel did that; obese, with low income and a disastrous family history, the real world for him was hostile. But because the virtual world was like a new America to discover and explore, and the best part is that he could create himself, without the limitations of the real world. He actively used this new medium that was offered to him. however, the years of unsolved emotional trauma were too much and his behaviour made many enemies of him for years. After this new hostile world, he decided to go on using the advantages of the virtual world. He created a new image, a lone-wolf businessman that used whoever he had to use, a Pat Bateman (the dude from American Psycho) of the Chilean Internet.

Now, as you can see, this was of no use.

[More personal information and sources of this text go here.]

Oh, and regarding those screenshots about the kidnapping network and all that, it was all a show set up by that group of sick fucks. 1, 2.


“What is Nido?”
Available here.. after the Chilean imageboard went down due to hundreds of police reports against the imageboard due to (both real and fabricated) allegations of illegal activities which led to the suicide of its administrador on Feb 27, 2019.
Feb 28, 2019.
A (rough) Chilean equivalent of an American Social Security Number, can be used to uniquely identify a Chilean citizen.
i.e. “Showing up more than once in a thread”, “samefagging”, “jisakujien” and whatnot.
An assortment of photos of murdered women were spammed on the site when the news began to break about Nido's activies.
Argentine media personality found dead near Buenos Aires in February 2019 in circumstances not even slightly related to
Number reported by Chilean news media.
2ch is not an imageboard, it is a textboard. It is also not the first site to have anonymous posting, but it is certainly the most popular one
Technically 6-chan.
Lit. “Tits or don't get in the way” Rhyming translation of “Tits or GTFO”.
Chilean Investigation Police.
“Pimp anon”.
“Ultrapoor”, derived from “Anónima Pobre” (see below), as the pictures in question showed very precarious living quarters.
“Hot girls”.
“Poor anon”.
“The nest”.
Parents named redacted because the corpse is still warm.
AKA Anónima Pobre.
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