Founded in 2019, the Center for Research of Internet Culture (CRIC) is a non-profit online organization dedicated to the provision of original insight on the mechanics of Internet Culture, past and present, including (but certainly not limited to) the history, sociology, memetics, folklore, anthropology, literature, linguistics and philosophy of, on, and around the Internet, its communities and associated impacts on everyday life both online and offline.

Currently, the CRIC is the organiser and publisher of the Open Journal of Internet Culture (OJIC), an Open-Access research journal of free (CC-Attrib-NC-ND) electronic distribution. We encourage authors from all walks of life to contribute with original manuscripts for inclusion consideration. More information in the OJIC section.

The CRIC, as mentioned above, is not for profit and thus sustained solely through its editors and contributors, with no online advertisement or paid sponsorship of any kind. If you have use of our work or perhaps merely enjoy it, consider donating through the means detailed in the Donate section. All proceeds will be utilized for the perpetuation of CRIC's continued existence.