Open Journal of Internet Culture

The Open Journal of Internet Culture (OJIC) is an Open-Access, quasi-periodical, multi-disciplinary, irregular-in-several-ways monographic series publication encompassing the fields of sociology, anthropology, philosophy, history, politics, memetics, technology, literature, linguistics and many more fields of the humanities, applied to the study of both interaction between Man and Internet, the Internet itself, and its interaction and impact with so-called "meatspace".

The OJIC Editorial Board is looking for independent authors and scholars, professional or otherwise, and encourages them to submit their contributions for publishing consideration.

A various set of academic specialties are embraced by the OJIC, as mentioned above. While a modicum of seriousness is encouraged in a subject of study that sometimes may not be, academic asepsis isn't. The OJIC is looking for insightful, unconstrained developments in the field without necessarily following orthodoxy. We also provide, through correspondence, a degree of advice regarding potential topics that an author may wish to develop into a full-fledged idea.

The OJIC can also be found on Twitter at @CRIC_OJIC.

If you wish to submit a manuscript for the OJIC, please check out the Information for Authors section.


There are currently no published papers nor compiled issues of the OJIC. We encourage all potential authors to contact us through the means described in the OJIC Contact section.


All publications are available on this site for free to view, download, and print from this site. The OJIC is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivativess 4.0 License, available for viewing here.