Contact the OJIC Editors

The OJIC's curation, technical edition, manufacturing and online publishing is managed by its Editorial Board, currently comprised of an anonymous group of members from the Center for Research of Internet Culture.

You may contact the OJIC Editorial Board for submitting manuscripts, request for advice on a certain topic, questions about the OJIC itself, and so on. If you have questions about the confection of a manuscript, make sure you have read the guidelines described in the "Information for Authors" section before contacting the Editorial Board. You may also contact the Editorial Board in case any technical difficulty in using this website arises.

You can reach the Editorial Board through the Center for Research of Internet Culture's email address:

Make sure you include "OJIC" anywhere in the message subject for easier processing – an "[OJIC]" tag prefacing the actual e-mail subject suffices. Be advised that responses can at times be infrequent.

The Editors can also be reached at the OJIC Twitter account, @CRIC_OJIC, for any questions you might have. Do not send manuscripts through this medium.