Wiki Policy

The following contains points of interest and (barely) detailed instructions on proper usage of the content of this website (hereby referred to as the Compendium of Personal Ignorance or simply the Compendium), subject to modification without notice by its author (hereby referred to as Myself).

Guarantee of Validity


Wikipedia, in its General Disclaimer, argues that it makes no guarantee of validity; that is to say, it's Wikipedia policy to wash their hands away from any responsibility instead of vouching for article accuracy. Apparently such a thing is needed when people go to Barack Obama's Wikipedia article and finds out thanks to the edit of a brave anonymous hero that the (Former) President of the United States is in fact Adolf Hitler (or a reincarnation thereof), and people will apparently believe this because it's on Wikipedia. The example is pretty extreme of course, but sadly the people who browse Wikipedia looking for absolute facts don't really browse enough to find its General Disclaimer, so the whole point is kind of moot anyways.

I can, however, assure you that all information here is valid. This is because -you guessed it!- everything in here is written, edited and peer-reviewed by me, in accordance to nothing but my personal opinion1)2); as such, it boasts a 100% solipsistic accuracy rate via its guarantee of validity, first championed by Shii in his own wiki.

By extension, I can't make a universalized guarantee of veracity nor a guarantee of accuracy, other than my sincere promise that I'm, like, trying very hard.

Take all content of this wiki as such.

Megalomaniac Disclaimer


Read the above until you build/rebuild your opinion of me and/or this site accordingly3). This isn't some hidden e-celeb's blog and I pull no strings at all on the web at large4). You gotta trust me on this one.

Basic Media/Content Policy FAQ

  • Q: What's the media license?
  • A: The Compendium is Copyright by Myself5). The long reason is here, but here's the gist of it: I came to the conclusion that any other media license on a personal wiki is a bit stupid, and knowing that it isn't my immediate intention to capitalize on the words I write here I'd rather not have someone doing so, so good ol' copyright will have to do. Applying Creative Commons, for example, on opinions and words which are meant to be personal, defeat the purpose of a personal wiki. It's kind of shitty, but Copyright is just a word - it all depends, in the end, on the leniency of the author. Creative Commons is a copyright license, and even the GNU GPL is a copyright license (though it's also called “copyleft” to make the distinction of the predatory uses of modern-day copyright). Using any other license is an insult to the core tenets and ideals said licenses were built for in the first place.
  • Q: I want to cite a piece or article of your wiki in my website/blog/whatever. What do I do?
  • A: I generally don't have an issue with it but it never hurts to ask. I'm mostly intrigued about what you intend to do with your citation(s) and ecstatic that someone is at least reading all of this mess.
  • Q: I want to mirror this wiki somewhere else. Can I?
  • A: This is a terrible idea for various reasons. First, you may be dealing with inaccurate or outright incorrect information if you do so; as time goes by, said information will become even more inaccurate. Second, I lose control of the text - which could be edited maliciously (then again you could do so without having to mirror it), but more importantly - it stops being the text of a personal wiki! Surely, there must be a reason you're so interested in this wiki as to mirror it completely. Why don't you tell me about it instead?
  • Q: Something you said here or some image uploaded here inconveniences me. Can you take it down?
  • A: Sure, just let me know what and why. Though I do beg you to be precise with your links.

A few other things?


  • I am probably not a good source of unbiased, verifiable information. Neither is this wiki.
  • I am, however, probably a good source of good information. This doesn't necessarily conflict with the above.
  • Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  • All of the above probably counts as well if you ever find me online.
Which may or may not match actual, factual information.
And my crippling mythomania.
This disclaimer subject to change as soon as I actually become rich and famous.
Though I sure as hell wish I could.
This copyright also applies, retroactively, to any previous iteration of this wiki.
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