Compendium of Personal Ignorance

Welcome to the Compendium of Personal Ignorance, a personal wiki which -conterintuitively to its very silly and pretentious name- is a collection of the things I know and perhaps, if you're lucky, even like to share and talk about. A loose and disorganized collection of notes, drafts, essays, pseudo-essays, facts, factoids, and many other etceteras, this wiki can be seen as a combination between a blog, an online commonplace book, and a very, very subpar encyclopedia all in one place. Halfway between a very messy desk and a haphazardly-built informational dump. "Memex, in the form of a desk, would instantly bring files and material on any subject to the operator's fingertips. Slanting translucent viewing screens magnify supermicrofilm filed by code numbers. At left is a mechanism which automatically photographs longhand notes, pictures and letters, then files them in the desk for future reference." The Compendium of Personal Ignorance is written exclusively by its sole author and is inspired by many other personal wikis, most of which have already died various deaths (this will be always true, no matter when you read this!). This wiki, in particular, is its fifth iteration of its kind. Go figure.

This site is running the latest version of Dokuwiki (more information here) and is graciously hosted under the wings of Should you find anything broken, malfunctioning, or plain old out of place, don't hesitate in contacting me through the channels described below.

Anyways… this place is going to be a mess for a while probably forever! Until I alter the design to something more pleasing to the eye and finish rewriting and reuploading old articles. Bear with me until then, whenever it is that “then” ends up being anyway.

How to use this wiki

You should see in the sidebar to the left a collapsible directory of all articles published and available for reading, categorized in different namespaces. The sidebar uses Javascript, but should revert to a non-JS version if Javascript is not available in your browser for any reason.

There is no need nor intention to curate the way you should read this (that would make things extremely boring, anyhow), so you're welcome to read it at your own pace and leisure - just click away. Page edits will generally not be announced, aside from those of utmost importance or those which have substantial information added to them. Because most articles will more often than not be half-baked essays and a dump of quotes or resources, assume that all articles are incomplete and subject to change - instead of marking articles as incomplete (except those that are really just placeholders), only those that “feel” like there's no more content to be added or that they're all-around finished will perhaps be marked as such. An RSS feed is available, but it's not working very smoothly… or at all.

The namespaces themselves (represented as “folders”) are usually clickable and are articles of their own. Well, at least that's the idea; those namespaces that are not clickable (that is, there is no article with the same name) will simply expand/collapse their contents accordingly. Cookies are used to remember which namespaces have been expanded/collapsed.

Modern browsers should be sufficient for adequate browsing of this site, though you may perhaps need a somewhat decent resolution. The “mobile version” of Dokuwiki seems to perform horribly, so I advise you turn on the “Desktop Site” option when reading in a phone browser or something similar. That said, it should technically be compatible with everything up to CLI browsers such as lynx or w3m; as long as you don't expect this thing to run smoothly in IE6 then you shouldn't have much of an issue. Some Unicode support may be necessary here and there.

What's new?

Contact Information

The idea was that, at some point, there was going to be a textboard for discussion surrounding this wiki and its contents, and for communicating directly with me, its author. Because I've been promising this for, quite literally, years, it's at this point much easier for you to email me and for me to keep procrastinating on this.

You may contact the author of this wiki directly at:

(Address potentially subject to change.)

If you wish to ensure that the contents of our conversation do not become privy to third parties, you can encrypt your emails with PGP.

Other Personal Wikis

Believe it or not, personal wikis live on. Well, somewhat. This short list may be the closest thing we'll have to a webring…

The Compendium of Personal Ignorance is Copyrighted by its Author. Why?

For more boring details, please check out the Compendium's Wiki Policy.

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