Technical Info

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Bolded elements are of special note.

  • Software: Dokuwiki rel. 2017-02-19e “Frusterick Manners”1)
  • Installed plugins:2) ACL Manager3), Add New Page, Active Directory Auth Plugin, several server/database auth plugins4), Configuration Manager, Configuration File Manager, Edittable, Extension Manager, Fastwiki, folded, Gallery, Indexmenu, Info, Move, OpenAs, Popularity Feedback5), Revert6), styling, Dokuwiki Upgrade, User Manager, Video Sharing Site, Wrap.
Always updated to the latest version even though I might forget to update this page.
Some of this come installed by default.
Useless for personal wikis.
All of them included by default.
This sends telemetry information to the Dokuwiki development team and is currently disabled.
Useless for personal wikis as they're, by definition, spam-free.
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